why would eb//gs/tru lie about preorders?


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Aug 20, 2006
Miami Beach, fl
these stores lie about preorders for a bit then admitted it, atleast in my area, but i never understood why, i mean damn, it should be GOOD to attract ppl to their store. another thing....if thats the case, the i SUGGEST for those who didn't preordered, to hit tru first thing 6 am on the 29th, cuz for alllll we know, they can be lieing
How did they lie? Our Toys R Us had preorders for ages and EB Games put up a poster a few weeks ago. Sounds like America EB is craaazy? Maybe...
also wasent their a problem when EB preorderd the 360s. didnt they preorder too many and had to give some people their money back. I think they are just trying to cover their ass. anyways im gonna be lineing up outside of futureshop at 7pm on the 18th with my buds. Were gonna get a tent, beer, and axis and allies and play that all night