Wii 4.0 is OUT!


May 7, 2007
  • Update includes access to the SD card Wii Menu
  • Can download VC/WiiWare directly to the SD card from the Wii Shop Channel (though it really just auto-copies them to NAND and deletes them after you are finished using them)
  • Ability to save and access Wii Channels off of the SD card
  • SDHC card support
  • Photo Channel version 1.1-b
  • Deletes every version of the Twilight Hack (including beta2)
  • Patches IOS16
  • Fixed the Bug that was used in the Homebrew Channel Installer

This is going to mess up the Homebrew Channel I installed last night.

Oh, why does this happen to me!

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About time I say, it's nice to finally be able to rest easily about Wii memory. Much more convenient for playing Wiiware and VC games.
overall it was cool so i can have motivation to buy wiipoints again.
Yea same here I love it now you can use the SD memory. I had to delete half my games to install Space Invaders. Now I can play them ALL.
Yeah, now you can have well over 200 channels, Stotarge problem officially solved.
Nice to finally see them doing something about the storage problem. Obviously, I won't be downloading it anytime soon though since I intend to install homebrew eventually.
Hmm, now i'm torn between installing it and going homebrew..decisions decisions.
How is the homebrew stuff? I've never even considered it with my luck modding my cell phones and their never right again. The Wii is too much money IMO to be turned into a brick.
wonderful! looks like i don't need to deal with the hassle of installing hb
This is a pleasant surprise. Didn't know we were allowed to discuss Home brew in the forums (or make mention of it) :). I'm glad Nintendo realizes that not just nerds and Otaku want more storage space. I'm still using a 2GB card at this point.
accdng to the rules we cannot talk about illegal things, or warez. HBC is not all about cheating and playing illegal backups.
HBC is not all about cheating and playing illegal backups.

Whilst that's true, there is a large number of people who do use it for playing illegal copies of games and cheating.

When their activities ruin the online play of a game I've paid for, then I think it becomes unacceptable and for that reason I'm glad the latest update screws the HBC - I just wish it would brick the wii's of those who have it installed too.

Sorry but I've had too many races on Mario Kart ruined by dickheads out to spoil it for everyone, and for that reason I hate the HBC and all who use it.

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