Wii controller


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Sep 19, 2006
Has anyone actually had a go of a Wii controller? I mean I can imagine that swinging or holding out the tv style remote controls gonna give some serious arm ache after more than five minutes of use,
Not to mention that you look a complete idiot monkeying around in your front room
The Nintendo wii ads pretty slick but seriously who's gonna use the controller like the way they featured in the ad?:crazy:
Erm.. all of us? And i'd be worried if u'd get arm ache so easily.. i wouldn't get armache at all.. i play tennis every so often all day and have no arm ache, and thats more of a physical activity then playing the Wii.
Therefore 5 minutes of use then aching.... :lol: at that
Nuff Said
oh i had a go at e3 its bit hard but i think you guys will get used to it as the weeks go on with it in your possesion and wiired your right