Wii Zapper


Sep 25, 2006
The Wii remote is great, but it wouldn't be as great without without the accessories.

The Wii Zapper is a Wii accessory that holds the Wii remote as the end of a gun and is held with two hands.
The Zapper has a trigger very similar to a real gun. It also has an analog stick. It could be useful for games like Duck hunt or Time Crisis, while also being good for first/third-person shooters.

More on the Wii-mote, the first accessory, The Nunchuck, the The Classic controller

From Wikipedia:
Nintendo has showcased a gun-like "Zapper" shell for the Wii Remote. The Wii Remote slots into the "gun barrel" of the shell. The shell features a "trigger hole", as well as an analog stick on the top of the handle. The controller expansion was reported by various gaming websites to be utilized for a Duck Hunt sequel.
um yes we all know this it is everywhere just search before you start a thread (shut up wii_rulez)