Wii cooling Fan


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May 11, 2009
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my wii has overheated a few time im im just letting you no how useful the cooling fan is my wii stays cold never get warm and all the games run smoother + it kinda cleaned my wii lense so i can play ssbb again but i dont

has your wii overheated?
As long as your Wii has proper ventilation around it, it should not overheat. Perhaps there is something wrong with yours?
Never cover up the vents on the Wii or any console for that matter.

Try doing a dry breath blow inside the vents
i played it on a leather sofa thats probly y
That's your prob right there.
These wireless controllers now mean you don't have to be near the console to play it.

Unlike when I was a kid...........................*drifts off in to the realms of his memoreys*

BRB Yars revenge