bad pixels / green pixels ...will heatsink or fan help?


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Dec 12, 2007
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i know random pixels / green pixels = overheated or damaged GPU.

after the wii rests overnight i can use it for a short period.
it pretty bad and makes the wii unusable once the GPU gets warm.

My wii is 14 months old. (out of warranty?)

  • is there a way to alleviate this?
    • add a heat sink to the GPU (is there enough room in the wii?)
    • would one of those usb fans blow enough air into the wii to keep it cooler?
yea open it up and check to see if the cooling system works properly

remove the heatsink and reapply better thermal such as Artic Cooling MX2
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ah... ok so the gpu DOES HAVE it's own heatsink?

i'll check out your goo recommendation :yesnod:

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