wii fit and balance board - is this for real?


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Jun 17, 2009
saw an ad for bidrodeo dot com, this is auction site, not a store, so i understand that the prices very every day, but still 15 cents for wii fit with balance board!!!
how such deals are possible? are there any hidden fees? has anyone used this site before?
is it for real?
I've said this to a lot of people and I'm going to tell you too playing4fun. If it looks to good to be true then it almost always is.

I've seen the same banner for that particular auction site. All it is is a way for them to grab people's attention and make them check the site out.

My advice, ignore it and move on ;)
Never trust ads like that, most are just to lure you into some sort of scam - others are just for you to view their site which has no such offer
Yes, it's real. I bought it last night.

Too bad for you; that was fifteen cents well spent.