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Apr 6, 2009
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well theres this weird dude (plokoon or sumthing) who has put this really freaky message with my signiture and said that id sent him (even though i have no idea who he is.) well he did put a post on my thread saying his ACCF fc and that but still... wth.
whats freaks me out the most is wth is he doing.

whats the point of this thread?

well, why are there some weird wii freaks doing things like this and if anyone knows wth is up with him... or what i can do and blah blah blah?

so if you can ba to read this, go ahead...

Glo is a no good she is a bad person who will turn on you like a snke. I got really mad when she tricked me. People beware this is the message she sent me it is too graphic for kids.
ok i have no idea who or what he is on about. so wth?

he said i sent him a message which included these;
I know, i know ill get the whole bad reputation from you but owells. i meant this with good intention becos you must av been pretty slack to give out 65 grand to me, especially since i trashed your town.
i have never been given any money from anyone? idk him or anything!?

But whatever u say fat arse u will never be as cool as me.
and youll never ever get your ****ing money back!!!
one thing, i dont swear in my messages, number two, again, i dont know him... and again with this ''money'' i am so confused.

and i was most confused by this one;
p.s: your a spastic cat.
what!? this is just getting ridiculas what kind of idiot what put something as odd as this. I mean isnt it bad enough forging ''messages i sent'' to plokoon - or whatever his name is, but if you are gunna lie like this, why the heck would you put that!?
but fyi plokoon (ill just call you that. i cant remember exactly what his name is...) it didnt upset me all to much as i actually found it kinda funny that someone would do this... :lol: and be so darn pethetic. :rolleyes::mad:

so sorry if i wasted your time, upset you or anything...
but what is up with wii freaks and what do you think?

If you dont like anyones posts theres a little icon near there status that looks like a caution sign (! in a red triangle) press it
Its best to report it then our one active mod (where are the others?) will sort it
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he recently sent me a priavate message too. im so freaked out, this is what it says:
This is what one of your friends will say when you come. The British are coming. Don't let them get bye. Even though they dont affect anyone with their piece of crap Parliment.

help people, wth should i do? this is really freaking me out
ignore him... click on the red ! icon in his post... i did.
add him to your ignore list.
If you are finding the person annoying you can always do this

Click there name>>User profile>>User list>>Ignore this user

I suggest following Prinny's advice with the ignore list junk.

... Also, let's keep this kind of thing out of threads; we don't want a flamming war to start, and I'm sure you don't either... This'l just lead to more threads like this, or "secretly" insulting one another, probably just trying to get on eachother's nerves.
I got something from (GLO) using words that was out of the box do anyone know who the glo is
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If you're having problems with particular members send me a PM or use the report post button as Prinny mentioned.
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