Wii Game Creating


Jul 17, 2006
Apparently The Wii Will Have The Function To Make 2D or simple 3D games that can be uploaded through WiiConnect 24 for the whole world to try!!
thats going to be awesome, im going to make so many 3d games.
Lets talk about the type of games we would like to create.
I thought that you need the Wii Software Development Kit (SDK) which will sell for under US$2000. Hopefully Nintendo will release a free and simplified version for the average Wii User to be able to make their own games :).
I can make pretty good games w/ gamemaker. Although this will be very different, I might no a couple of tricks ahead of time...gotta practice on gamemaker 24/7!
Ive always wanted to make a simple 2d rpg game, nothing visually amazing, just like oldschool graphics. That would be cool. SSB, is it possible to do that w/ gamemaker?
This is wicked news, I never knew this... So you can post it online on the Wii eh? Thats crazy...

- Scythe