Wii Game Titles


Apr 30, 2006
Current list of upcoming Wii titles in development now.

Update: 30th May 06

[U][B]Date[/B][/U]                         [U][B]Title[/B][/U]
November        Madden NFL 2007
November        Need for Speed: Carbon
01/02/07        Medal of Honour: Airborne 
November        Red Steel
10/02/06        Rayman 4
10/02/06        Avatar: The Last Airbender
10/02/06        Sponge Bob Square Pants: Creature
November        Marvel Ultimate Alliance
November        Call of Duty 3
November        Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam

Update: 15th May 06

Added two scans of current title list


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Looks like Nintendo is sticking to their kiddie titles...lol...JK...Out of that list Zelda will probably be the most wanted and probably will sell the most.
yeah, from that list i'm only really excited about the nintendo staples (mario, metroid, & zelda)

at least until i find out for myself how the new control scheme works
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Thats pretty much a 'guestimate' list with all the titles that have been both confirmed and linked to the Wii.

Hopefully we can add more titles to the list as they are announced.
That is a great list of games there, I have not seen such a big list till now and i can see a lot of games that I will be looking forward to.
Now that's a lot of titles at launch. Looking forward to SSB and Zelda especially.

@AskAboutMe: Less than half of them are kiddy titles XD Wii's for everyone ^_^
Look for Zelda to be the game of the year. Yeah the has to the biggest game list I've seen from Nintendo for a long now. They finally are getting strong 3rd party support.
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Now that's a lot of titles at launch

Not all of those are confirmed launch titles, that is a list of all titles known for the wii. Though if i0n wants to maintain the list a little it would be nice to separate them into launch and non-launch.
I would love to see Suckerpunch develop for the Wii, the Sly Cooper line was one of my favorites of the PS2. And I can just imagine how they could put the Wiimote to good use.
Wouldn't it be cool if like the game of the year could be a downloaded version from something else? I mean they are on the revolution.