Wii game you regret buying


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Dec 28, 2007
I bought The Conduit and I regret buying it because I beat the single player quick and the online multiplayer was boring and laggy. What do you regret buying?
I got BoomBlox about 2 weeks ago and although fun the first time i haven't touched it since,i practically played through the whole game in the first sitting.

I only paid £10 for it so i might sell it and get the second one that supports WiFi (download new maps)
The Godfather Blackhand Edition and NHL2k9 because I can't figure out how to play them. NHL2K9 has too many controls that you have to operate all at once, and with the Godfather I got fed up because I kept having to beat the crap out of that first guy and it never seemed to let me win the fight.

Too bad as to NHL2K9 because I love hockey. 2K10 will be the better game simply because Ovechkin is on the cover, of course.
No More Heroes wasn't even worth the $20 that I paid for it.
NMH makes you wanna kill yourself when your on your bike but otherwise its pretty fun

most underrated game - nitrobike

I never bought any of my wii games so they're all worth-while ;p
Super Paper Mario -Bought it when there wasn't much else out from Nintendo. Game is incredibly slow due to all the cut scenes with text-talk (boy does that sound get annoying after a while).
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The Conduit. Only good controls and nothing else.

agreed. The Single Player was pretty fun with it's amazing controls and decent weapons, but there's no reason to play it again and the online isn't that good with it's bland maps and it's super laggy. IGN convinced me to get this game by there review. Couldn't return it because I got it new at gamestop and opened it. Going to sell it at half.com.
super mario galaxy.

hugely overrated, not challenging at all, finished it in a week, had no desire to touch it again, sold it to a friend for $20.
WarioLand: Shake It- I was really excited about this game for some reason, but it just wasn't that fun to play.