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Jul 4, 2009
I bought my son a Wii (and I am technically challenged!) I got him the new smash hits and 2 guitars. I figured out how to get one of the guitars synched up so he can play but I want to add a second guitar so he can play with a friend. when I try to hook the second one up the row of lights on the front of the guitar continue to blink but the guitar doesn't do anything.. can someone please offer an old lady some assistance!
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Thank you for your response.....

We synched it up and it works with the regular little sports games that came with Wii.. I just cant get it to work on the guitar. but I did just notice that on the controller that works the first blue button stays lit all the time when we have the power on, but the one I am having trouble with doesnt stay lit... could I have a bad controller?
To me it sounds like a synch issue. Try going into the wii menu and reconnecting the controllers. It'll ask you to hold the 1 and 2 buttons at the same time.

When the second controller lights up do all the lights blink or just the first one? If only the first light is blinking then you might want to try different batteries.

When the controller first turns on the lights that blink signify the battery level, so if all the lights blink the batteries are 100% if just the first one blinks they are low. When the lights stay on it signifies the player for that controller. The first light being the first player, the second light be the second player and so on. So the second light should stay solid when its connected properly (assuming the first controller is connected too).

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