"Wii" is not the real name.


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May 11, 2006
:lol: You guys are kidding right? Wii (pronounced "we") is a rumor spread by Nintendo and is not even close to the stystem's real name. Call it Revolution for a more accurate picture. Yeah I know Revolution is not the real name but this website is based around a console that doesn't exist in terms of the name :tard:

^-- hmm, that link goes to a site called "The Wiire"....

and revolution was just the nintendo code name to begin with, if neither name is real wii wiill (couldn't resist) do for now until the real name is known.
exactly, plus the name isnt really important anyway, its what the system is and how good the games are
^-- very true, otherwise sony wouldn't be selling anything....playstation: good, playstation 2: sequel naming :(....playstation 3: enough already....

don't get me wrong i like the playstation, just to point out that names don't really sell the system
yeah... I remember back in the day it was like "sega genesis" or "super nintendo" or like "sega saturn" you know... the systems had names... instead or 1, 2, 3 or whatever
exactly, and sorry to say it but the named systems from sega did pretty bad after the genesis....thought the saturn was cool for a while, rented it a couple times (any one else remember those days?)
I like the name Wii, but if that is not the real name of the system, then we shouldnt sweat, there are GoDaddy coupons to solve our problems!
Psycotronic said:
the only goodgame I remember the saturn having is Dragon Force..
Yep, and that's also an awesome band.
Back to topic.

Of course Wii is the official real name, it has been called that on E3. XD
Yea i cant see why Nintendo would change the name again, not after the amount of money spent branding it at E3 and ofcourse the mass press attention and publicity the name has received.