Wii Prove Our Promise?

Wii Believe

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Aug 23, 2006
Bourne, Lincs, England
I dont know when it was, it may have been at TGS last year wen the wii codenamed "revolution" was unvieled, and i remember something being said about nintendo listening to what fans wanted.

There are signs of this, IGN designed a light gun and nintendo has now shown a near identical model.

But im interested to know how we can voice our opinions, iv been looking on various threads and there reli are some quality ideas that would make some wii games incredible, the best is perhaps the idea of joint team moves on ssbb, well done that man !!!! :)

If any1 knows how we could get our voices heard it would be awesome, like an email adress etc.

Nintendo its time to put ur money where ur mouth is :)
but we dont know how SSBB will be, they might be doing that already.

we could email nintendo all stating the same idea, but i dunno if they will slow down production further for this idea.

maybe other ideas. we could also post ideas on the nintendo forums.