Wii Target Inventory Tool [repost]


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Nov 6, 2006
Hey all-

If you did not yet know, the shipping list for Wii consoles to Target stores has been leaked onto some other forums. The post was nuked VERY quickly, but I managed to get the data. About 3,000 lines worth.... took an hour.

I've put together a Google Maps thinger that will show you how many Wii consoles your local Target store will have on November 19th 2006. There are 1,500 stores in the database. I hope it helps you guys get your hands on some Wiis. I can't wait for mine!

Wii Inventory Map


p.s. feel free to ask me any questions you have... and no, I don't have the Best Buy list just yet.

Edit: USA only, sorry.
Edit2: this is a repost of an older thread here that I can no longer access if and only if I am logged in... forum bug??
Edit3: Site interface updated with better IE6 compatibility and natural language location searching.
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I was scared that it was gonna have like 20-50 and i would miss it, but thanks for the map checker thingy.
Actually i already know a map thingy, but i wanted to make sure, but gateway is the only one that has 210 wiis i guess?
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Oh Sweet! Fixed the last IE6 non-visual bug. Sorry for the error popups before. IE is very hard to program for IMO. Page still looks better in FF though...

Also, added total count to the results page. Enjoy!
Wait, are you sure this is accurate? I mean, HOW sure? Because the target down the road from my house is recieving 120 Wii's according to that info.
51 wiis at one target near me and only 33 at the other. Not really that bad though considering they are like 10 minutes apart and there are 3 super wal-marts near them.
People are way too concerned about this. The only people who won't get a wii right away will be the people who try to buy one a week after launch.
If my local store is getting 120, I REALLY have nothing to worry about. I'll stroll through around 6 or 7 am since Target usually hands out vouchers then just chill in my car or go get some breakfast until they open. Oh man... I really can't wait.