Wii VC and Gamecube region lock details


Apr 30, 2006
According to gaming site eurogamer.net the Wii's region locking will extend to Gamecube titles aswell.

Eurogamer.net spoke recently to a Nintendo spokesperson and unveiled a few small details, these included:

- Virtual Console games will be not be Universal, ie, European gamers will get the European versions.
- Nintendo also said that it expects to release RGB and component video cables that fit current pricing models.

I think something like Freeloader might still work on the Wii. Or you'll have to get a Wii Freeloader when they release one. Or you could just play them on a GameCube :).
I live in UK, should I get a Jap Wii so that I can play the Jap virtual console but not sure if I still be able to download it in the UK.... sigh....
The consoles will most likely be hard coded to connect automatically to their own region's wii site for downloads, so it you import a jap version it will most likely contact a japanese site even tough you'd be situated in the UK or NZ.

Good news that they are making official RGB and Component cables, I'll be buying a component cable at release if they get them out for sale by then.
As far as regional VC games goes, I found an executable some time back which allows you to alter the regional coding of Super Nintendo ROMs, it was originally made for converting ROMs to regionally acceptable formats for hardware like the Super WildCard (the Lilith of all ROMs). I'm just looking for a suitable link, but if anyone is interested you can PM me and I'll send it over to you.