Wii Wired connection Help/Info


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Feb 12, 2007
I recently bought the datel lan adapter. My question is how/can I set up ICS on my computer to get my Wii online. The reason I am doing this is that it is the only way to do it when on a college campus. Anyone know how to set it up?
Well, do you have two lan ports on your computer? I suppose you have to use one of them to hookup to the campus network. If you don't have another port available then you're kinda screwed.
my friend is on a college campus, and he just bought a wireless router and uses that. He only has 1 ethernet jack so he needed to split it anyways.
yeah thsts the most likely solution for you, as you are taking your connection from somewhere else, you most likely dont have the main router/switch..

so you could either get hold of a router yourself and share the connection that way, or if you get hold of the nintendo wi-fi usb adapter..