Wired connection question...


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Feb 13, 2007
I got my wii sunday and I have a wired connection.. Im using comcast, but I have a virus on my computer which doesn't let me use my router on more than one thing, I can only use it for my pc. Will I need the router to get online with the wii? Also will I need the Lan adapter?

My modem came with a ethernet connection and a usb connection, could I get online by using the ethernet wire from the modem to the pc and the usb from the modem to the wii?

Im kinda confused with this stuff.

you have a virus that does that? you sure its a virus, not a firewall setting?

and the usb link probably wont work with the wii, im gonna try it later when i get home but i doubt it will..
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I dunno, ever since I got the virus my router wouldn't work anymore.. I used to use my router so I can go on the computer and play ps2 online at the same time but after I got the virus I was only able to either go online with the pc with the router or the ps2 with the router, couldnt do both. So I stopped using it all together

the virus is called trojan.startpage I didn't think that virus would effect that and I tried getting help on how to fix my router but noone could figure it out. Norton wouldn't delete the virus and I tried manually but I got stuck and couldn't do the rest.