Wii/Zelda rant.. no spoilers whatsoever.


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Dec 6, 2006
So I just got my Wii and Zelda, I've put in about five hours into Zelda and I have to say, I'm not a fan of the remote, its gimmicky and doesn't actually work that well.. I think I would enjoy Zelda more with a Gamecube controller. When I imagined this thing, I thought if you swung up, Link would swing up, if you swung left to right, so would Link, right to left, so would Link.. but really, Link pretty much always swings horizontally left to right no matter how you swing the damn Wiimote.. you don't actually feel like you're controlling the sword so its not really that fun, its more of a pain in the ass, instead of button mashing we have sensless swinging. I'd rather just push the A button to make him swing his sword.. granted you can still do some sword attacks by pressing A and not having to swing the remote but I wish they would have put an option in the game so that you could swing with the A button if you wanted and never have to swing the Wiimote, they easily could have.. its great for slingshots and arrows, etc.. but thats about it.

Another thing I don't like is the speaker on the remote, it doesn't add anything to the experience having some sounds come from the remote, in fact it takes away from it because the sound quality is so terrible and tinny, I'd rather have it come out of my regular speakers.. again, should have implented an option to turn off/down the volume in the remote.

I played Wii sports, fun but pure novelty and won't have any lasting value. Again, control isn't that precise, in things like tennis its no where near as accurate as say virtual tennis on dreamcast.

I've purchased every Nintendo system from day one and this is the first one I'm dissapointed with, I was more than ready to spend $250 for a revolutionary remote, but its a gimmick remote with a repackaged gamecube.. for $250? Rip off. However, splitting the controller in two? genius. Someone needs to create a standard controller that is split in two, but have both pieces be wireless, not even a wire connecting the two.. it is really nice being able to play and not have to have your hands together.

I really loved the graphics in Wind Waker, very clean and crisp.. the game was good but there was wayyyy too much water, it was too short, and too easy.. shame they never made a longer, harder, traditional land based Zelda game like that.. or a remake of ALTTP. Twilight Princess looks good so far, but the graphics are busy sometimes, seems like they tried to cram too much into some of the textures and in a lot of places its hard to make things out, like in the forest areas, just a big mish mash of greens and browns. And why in the world can't they create difficulty settings for Zelda, or any of their games for that matter?

I also hate that Nintendo released the Wii Zelda a month before the Gamecube Zelda.. very lame, especially since its a Gamecube game and they've been promising it on Gamecube for two years.. the Wii is selling well but I think it will fail in the long run.. by not upgrading the hardware they're going to have a hard time giving people a fresh visual experience when it comes to their staple franchises over the next five years. Say what you will but graphics matter, visuals are half the experience. Metroid Prime 3 and 4 will look pretty much just like Metroid Prime 1 and 2.. thats not good, thats like the GTA series on PS2 which got real stale. The next two Zelda's will probably look just like Twilight Princess.. and Mario Galaxy is fresh looking but its also five years late. There's no reason why they couldn't put out a system as graphically powerful as the 360 minus all its extra gizmos with the new remote for a decent price, great graphics and 'fun' are not mutually exclusive. Nintendo managed to provide both for 20 years..
Play Wii sports with friends.

It depends on the game on how much of the wiimote is used, don't judge the system yet just on TP alone. Depending on how much developing the programmers do for the "swish up, it swishes up" and whatnot. You need to keep in mind TP is originally a gamecube game. It wasn't made with Wii in mind from the start.
they do have an option where you can just use an A button to swing the swords, its called the gamecube verison of TP
I'm not so much upset with the controls. I think Nintendo did a great job with the Zelda. The one thing I am upset about is aiming the slingshot/bow. I remember seeing a video before it came out showing that you had to put the wiimote and the nunchuck together then pull to actually pull for the bow and slingshot. I was upset when that wasn't the case. But that's minor. It's still one of the best games I've ever played.
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nyisles84 said:
you can adjust the volume on the wiimote from louder to nothing at all

really? i checked the manual but didn't find anything, will have to look again, thanks!
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komio said:
they do have an option where you can just use an A button to swing the swords, its called the gamecube verison of TP

which isn't out.. and would force someone to buy both copies if they didn't like the wii controls (not like you can try it out anywhere, or return an opened game).. you can't tell me it would have been hard for them to have an optional/traditional control scheme.
i dont know if it is just certain EB games but they allowed me to try zelda before it came out a store near where i live, then again i knew the manager lol
I agree with the first post on some issues. Don't get me wrong, the game is great, but when I look at Resident Evil 4 (just bought it), I think that Nintendo could have done better.

>Link's sword control is gesture based and not mapped 1:1 to the wiimote. I really wanted to stylish combos. In my opinion, that would have the combat system even more engaging. Even erratic movements can translate to an elegant combo on screen.

>Environmental textures looked half assed but Character models are good though. That's the way it is.

>Although TP is more epic than any other Zelda, I still felt that Nintendo could have done more. Make your own judgments for the sake of not spoiling anything here.

Hopefully 1:1 mapping becomes the evolution of the wiimote.
you guys gotta give the Wii sometime to develop, you cant expect the motion detection to be 100% accurate to your movements on the first wave of games. The Wii is still new, it can only get better from here.
Aaaahh sounds like some ppl watched too many videos before the wii came out. Well here's my rant. Wii: awesome/ LOZ:TP: awesome! Soo fun once you get into it. Hey try playin along. I know which way link swings so I swing the same way to compensate. I even tilt the wiimote up and mimic pu'ing out the sword! Lol gr8 fun!
yeah, the controls dont feel gimiky at all to me, the sword play is nice and simple like i like it, and after aiming the slingshot,hawk (i only just got back to normal ) ill never go back to normal joystick aiming again

God its so good just to be able to point and press wherever i want to aim :p

If your so concerned about graphics go by a 360 and stick with the same minotinus crap you have been playing for years, or you could just try having fun instead of nit picking at a fantastic console