Wii's actual colors

I suggest Nintendo go the mobile phone route and release multiple colours: pink for girls, black /white for boys, and a whole load of other colours for those that like to be unique.

Personally I would like a green one.
I think the Wii's color should be just like this forum skin... make it more Nintendo-like.
Veiron said:
Navy blue.

Actually, it looked more like a light blue. Similar to an ice blue. I like it. The GC was a dark blue and I wasn't a big fan of the color. I'll try to dig up the link where I saw the pic for it.
I want a black or blue one (if blue comes out) because those colors practically represent sleekness along with white and silver, even though silver is getting old.
Well I hope after all the white systems shown, that I get a white system when the preordered system actually comes in. But... I will take any colour they give me on the release day, I just can't wait to get my hands on one.
Personally, I think consoles only look good in black and white. I plan on picking up a black one if they release it. Please, Nintendo, no more purple...

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