Wii's lack of Shooters Real Rpg's and Beat em ups

Yes, but it isn't Halo.

Haha, well no...Halo is an IP owned by MS, so I don't think Wii will be getting it ever

Halo is fun, the Xbox 360 as a whole is a great console, but the Wii has a place for me!
Is 'He' me? Because if it is, i'm a she. Haha.
Anyways, ya, that was my original point. Wii would never get it because of microsoft vs. nintendo.

I think people need to stop comparing all FPS to Halo. I liked the game, its fun...buts its not the only one out there!

I agree with this. I love Halo but, like you said, there is and will be other games that are similar.
Why would you want halo on wii? its got poor level design. I think Halo 3 was the pinnacle of the series poor level design. theres too many moments in halo where you go where am i suppose to go and/or what am i suppose to do. Halo decent design is in it's multiplayer ,but that even has huge flaws.

Grant it i play Halo online quite a bit ,but i see recognize that while its a good game its not the best.
Wii's getting its rendition of Halo. It's called The Conduit.
Oh Lemmy I hope not

There are to many games coming out that try to copy other games
I never liked Halo so a Halo clone would be crappy
A multi player game with a single player mode tagged on

Bomberman did that years ago (and still is)
And Warlords did it before that
And Combat did that before that
360 getting motion controls?

Anyways, Wii is lacking in some areas but already this year there are a slew of RPG's coming and some shooters (remains to be seen if they will be good or not of course). Time will tell, have faith.

However if your not into waiting just buy a 360 and stop the deliberating.
I'm a hardcore gamer and proud nintendo loyalist :) But i'm thinking of getting a 360 because they are releasing motions like the wii and there attention to hardcore gamers is 2nd to none were as the wii has catered about 5percent to hardcore gamers be honest nintendo have a few games hardcore way to few agree.course you do.with the n64 wii got james bond golden eye.CLASSIC. with the wii we got wii sports what would you prefer out of the two james bond course you would my. . .point is nintendo have not made one hardcore game for the wii game cube remakes we don't honestly want do we nope brawl is not really hardcore while we have metroid the online nintendo game id deem hardcore wii game by nintendo that ain't a let down aka remake .stop buying them. while xbox 360 has released. . .fable 2 hardcore gears of war 2 hardcore halo 3 and halo wars hardcore and hardcore project gothem racing 4 hardcore plus loads more plus better online service.better be at that price. will nintendo give us core gamers what wii want core gamers or will i have an xbox 360 with better graphics online content more hardcore titles and come summer 09 motion sensors like the wii's nintendo are doing my head in allowing all these poor party games to be made more then half the wii's game have party in the name wtf nintendo fans = original console ive had ever nintendo console since the snes im 18 now and there all better hardcore gaming there was no n64 party games or snes music bring back the real beat em ups more fps get fight to work along side wii real racing games more online content and games and music during gameplay if you wipe homebrews dvd player make a dvd channel firmware update that gets ride of friend codes so we can have 1 easy to remember username online and make games producers use the wii to its full extent i.e graphics not poor ps2 graphics and game don't release games if the controls are not 100percent workin sony or microsoft wouldt allow that from 3rd part games why shud nintendo.

your thoughts and please

Depends on what you consider "hardcore." The definition has shifted. Near as I can tell, "hardcore" gamers are the increasingly distilled group of video gamers that Sony and Microsoft do their best to appeal to. Nintendo lost that fight a long time ago. Nintendo has made a whole lot of money by realizing that in the pursuit of hardcoreness, Sony and MS left a lot of people who might otherwise like video games by the wayside. The direction they went with the Wii was to stop the hardcore arms race and actually try to appeal to those that were lost somewhere along the way. If you consider yourself "hardcore" in the current marketspeak, then the Wii just isn't the console for you and never will be. Nintendo achieved massive sales numbers only after abandoning that pursuit. They're not going back now.

It's also important to point out that your history is failing you a bit. Not only was Mario Party on the N64, so were Mario Party 2 & 3. I think those count as party games. No, there was no SNES music but there was SNES Paint which is even worse IMHO. An SNES mouse and paint program packaged as a game? No thanks. And it's funny you mention beat em ups. One night me and a buddy were bored so we went to the Blockbuster to find an N64 game where 2 or more players simultaneously beat up stuff that wasn't each other. We came home empty handed. The SNES had plenty of them, but by the late 90s the N64 was still lacking in that category. 1-on-1 fighting was all the rage though.

What it ultimately comes down to is that you're not used to being outside the target audience in the realm of video games and aren't sure what to make of those who are in Nintendo's target audience. It's a hard thing going from an industry catering to your every whim to being completely ignored but it happens. Just wait until radio abandons you. That one really stinks. Your "classic" and "hardcore" are my "meh." I'll take Guitar Hero or Trauma Center over any game you listed in your above post (though I will admit to having fond college memories of playing dormmates at Goldeneye). I'm not saying Nintendo is bending over backwards for me but they did a good job getting me to own a video game console again. Sorry you're not having as much fun with your Wii.

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