WiiU septmber Update is Live! download now!


Nov 4, 2007
go to system settings and choose update...

From Nintendo Japan:

(Google translate lol)

Currently, "4.0.0J" the latest version available by the network download is (2013/10/1 delivery)

Major changes due to updates to the 4.0.0J

Add the ability to output to the Wii U GamePad a picture of Wii-only software
I was able to be output to the Wii U GamePad the image of the Wii-only software. You can choose from "both the GamePad and TV" or "TV only" the output destination. ( 1)

Added functionality to automatically receive software to deliver from Nintendo
Future, we have to be able to automatically receive in the "communication when did" the software recommended for trial to be delivered from Nintendo.

Corresponding input by USB keyboard
In the scene software keyboard is available, I have to be able to use a USB keyboard. ( 2) Click here for information on the operation has been verified USB keyboard

Added settings Nintendo Network ID
It is now possible to set whether to use the services of Nintendo Network such as smart phones and personal computers, from devices other than the Nintendo game console.

When using the Wii-only software, I now supports Dolby Pro Logic II surround output. ( 3)

"Updating the Wii U menu"

Place the Wii U on the menu icon in the "friends list", it is now possible to start the "friends list" from the Wii U menu.

Updating the "Settings"
I have to allow the setting of the automatic receipt of the software in the "Internet".
I have to be able to select the sound output of cable TV in the "TV". You can if you are connected with an HDMI cable, and outputs it to the speakers of the commercial sound in conjunction and "Wii-only AV cable". Click here for details

If the operation of the power supply is OFF is enabled in the "Setting the Power", I was able to be set in hourly operation interval.
"Updating the Wii U Chat"
The incoming response time from friends or outgoing to friends, I was able to be confirmed by Miiverse profile opponent.
It is now possible to call using the headset that is connected to the Wii U GamePad.

Updating the "Internet Browser"

You have to allow the / fast-forward operation rewind a certain time in the L / R button on the Wii U GamePad During movie playback. I can also fast-forward playback Press and hold the R button.

If you are logged in to the web site using your user name and password, it is now possible to save the user name and password you entered. ( 4)

If you start the Internet browser by interrupting the software, you can now be uploaded to the web site, such as bulletin boards and blogs, the image of the Wii U GamePad screen tv screens and soft interruption.

I have to be able to view a PDF file on the website. ( 5)

As a function of the web site developer, I have to be able to use the developer tools and switching of user agent.
Improved convenience and stability of the system
As you can enjoy more comfortable, it has been improved convenience and stability of the system.
( 1)
It does not correspond to the operations in the Wii U GamePad. You can instead of the TV screen, playing by displaying the game screen to GamePad. In order to enjoy a Wii exclusive software, operation by the Wii Remote or Wii Remote Plus is required.
( 2)
Some, there is also software you can not use a USB keyboard.
( 3)
I am limited to Dolby Pro Logic II compatible software.
( 4)
The user name and password that are saved, you can delete the "Internet Browser" in the "Settings".
( 5)
Depending on the data size and format of the PDF file, you may not be displayed correctly. In addition, you will not be able to save the PDF file.
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