Wild rumors from the Wii


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Jun 30, 2006
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Alright, with all the rumors floating around it's time I posted one that I found semi-funny just because it was on the ridiculous side. Nintendo has kept people in the dark and now articles like these:


are popping up, I have found some even more ridiculous stuff on other forums and if you guys are interested to see what other goons are saying let me know.

I am, by no means, saying I believe all of these. I read this article a couple days ago, and if I remember right, some of it sounded alright...but whatever.

It's good for a chuckle at least.
Great article :rolleyes: The part I most liked what this:
"It is claimed that the August event will also confirm that the Wii will become available in a USD 299 bundle that will include two Wiimotes, a nunchuk attachment, classic game pad attachment, DVD9 attachment, wireless headset (limited) 2GB SD card, Wii sports game, plus ten free virtual console downloads. A USD 199 bundle will offer one Wiimote, a nunchuk attachment, a classic game pad attachment, a Wii Sports game and five free virtual console downloads. Launch date will be set at Nov. 10 2006."

I like that Wii Sports comes like a "Demo" of games such as PS1 has when u bought it. I know its not a demo but I like it to be free :)

You should get a demo disc with it, I don't know why but i find demos are so much fun
man wouldnt that be great if they did that $300 bundle i would get that one for sure

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