Will competitors copy Nintendo eventually?


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Aug 5, 2006
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Hey i was thinking, do u reckon that if the wii sells really well (which i know it will :) ) Do u think that Playstation and XBOX will also bring in the similar type of playing games, in that i mean by relying on motion sensors and the whole 'pointing' thing on making their controllers?
Hmm.. I think they will and if they don't, they'll try and make their own revolution of controller or somethin.. but I really don't know, it might persuade them into taking more risks etc..
I'm pretty sure the PS3 controller already has motion sensing (to a more limited extent than the Wii). Anyway, I'm not sure Sony or Microsoft are going to give up the tried and tested joypad in favour of remotes just yet, but if the Wii is successful they might want to develop something similar (not too similar though, or they risk being sued).
I read somewhere that Microsoft were testing the idea of motion sensor controllers, but reportidly, the participants found they felt tired after using it. I will provide a link when I find one.
1. Something interesting
2. More intrigue

Also, Sony has the whole "Six degrees of Freedom" that was announced at E3.

All in all, I think (to at least a small extent), everyone is trying to cash in on the idea. (I doubt we would have seen the tests being done with either the 360 or PS3 had it not been for the Wiimote being announced last year.
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unhealthy society today. pple getting tired with a montion sensoring controller?

anyway, i think they will copy nintendo if the wii sells well. and they will look stupid.
Yeah... Sony WIll Copy The Wii... I'm Not Sure About Microsoft... They're A Company That Doesn't Take Peoples Ideas... Kinda Like How Macintosh Copied Of Of Microsoft
To make something better than the wii is difficult (not graphics) and yes, if they want to continue in the market they have to do that.
I say it's still hard to say whether it'll be copied. I mean right now the wiimote stuff is cool and all that but it would really suck of MS or Sony decide to make some supped up Wii. Also, while I really love the idea of the wiimote, I think I need to physically experience how everything is handled. Will I become fatigue trying to aim the thing? Will it be as natural as using a mouse? (if it is, it'll definitely fly as an alternative input method).

As for something better, and I hope nintendo makes this viable to the end users, would be having a 3D virtual visor. Which can correspond to maybe the joystick + wiimote to do some sort of walk around in a 3D environment with "enough", but not too much body movement. I think that'll be something that's better. As long as there's not neuro interface, that's just too freaky... sort of like .hack/sign, the anime.
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