Winter 2.0 (Publishers Show Interest!)


Old School Master
Aug 14, 2007
On Wednesday, I got a text from Dan O'Leary, president of development studio n-Space, probably best known for the first-person shooter Geist for GameCube and, more recently, Winter. You might remember the latter as an in-development survival-horror game for Wii, as I ran a piece on the title a short while ago complete with first video. Since then, fans have campaigned for Winter, going so far as to create and populate a petition in support of the project. O'Leary said he was in town with creative director Ted Newman and wanted to show me what they had dubbed "Winter 2.0," an improved version of the original demo. Since I last saw the game, n-Space assembled a small team and spent about two weeks updating and adding polish to it. Some notable changes. It now uses Wii MotionPlus for more accurate character attacks and object-based interactions. The 3D engine has seen some optimizations. Most obvious, the textures have all been up-rezzed and the muddy look on up-close exteriors is removed. n-Space has added a host of graphic effects, like more realistic falling snow, and completely overhauled the flashlight so that it beams forward a per-pixel light that looks fantastic as it illuminates darkened hallways. I asked O'Leary why he was in San Francisco with Winter 2.0 and he explained that a few publishers have showed some interest in it, which is a good sign. With any luck, maybe the project will find its way to retail yet.

OH YEAH!!!! This is excellent news! And with Wii MotionPlus Controls to boot.
Nice to see, this game had promise and I was worried it'd be another great idea gone to waste.

I think Nintendo Power was hinting at it in its latest issue and should be giving us info on the game when the next issue comes out.