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Nov 19, 2006
Would wii have sold if Zelda did not exist. I mean part of what sold wii's had to be the fact that Zelda released the same day that wii did. If Zelda did not release what could have been their release game and would it have sold?
It would be... Red Steel!! Just kidding. Of course, in an alternate dimension where Zelda didn't exist, Red Steel could have been developed differently so a majority of players like it. :thumbsup:
Red Steel was rushed, that's why theres a few problems.

*If* Zelda did not exist then maybe more effort would of been put into having one of the other flagship products ready; Galaxy and Metroid. Which will both boost sales even more if people can find Wiis by the time these games are released. I think although they're still being worked on the time of when they come out is strategical now.

Zelda didn't sell the console to me or most people. Wii Sports is what featured in every press and media support that gained it such widespread attention and now popularity.
ya never was a huge fan of any zelda style game... didnt sell it for me.. i was more influnced by red steel and excite truck... which i still need to get
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Neither mine but im wondering about the majority.
Zelda was a major influence for me. Without it I would have bought more GC games. Ironically I would have bought Zelda Windwaker. Remember not all of us owned a GC before the Wii came out. It was like getting 2 systems.
This is a very good idea for a thread. I think you will find that not in all regions zelda was the top selling game so i think yes it would have still been a great success maybe not as good as it is but still not bad.
the mass public was not influenced to buy a wii by the fact that there was a zelda game to go along with it. someone (either 1-up.com or IGN or somebody, i can't remember who) said that sales records show that surprisingly Zelda was not a hardware moving title. In other words, most people that bought a Wii didn't buy Zelda with it, it seemingly was bought as an after thought a week or more later. Most bought it just to have it, or to play wii sports or both.
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Yeah I would say by the looks of things Wii sports was a huge influence for most people in buying it - that and the overall theme of the Wii controls. A great game can make all the difference for a system, but I think the Wii would have done well at launch without Zelda.
I bought the Wii because of Zelda.
I bought the Wii based on the motion control concept. Zelda was an afterthought. I probably would have waited on the purchase had WiiSports not been available and not been so highly visible at launch.
I bought it for a variety of reasons. To be honest Zelda was just the icing on the cake for me. I was more excited about the controller and great quality of games that were coming out with it such as Red Steel and Trauma Center. Plus I was excited about future games that I knew would be coming out for ONLY the Wii.