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Dec 2, 2006
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I play this game all the time at school, basically you give the next poster an incredibly hard choice, and he MUST answer.

To post, you must answer the last Question before you, and make up a really hard question for the next poster.

The people who think of the most grusome/funny/hard questions will be put into the hall of fame!

Those who choose to make silly, easy ones, will be put in the hall of shame!
So get posting, and make those questions hard, and make sure you think about the consequesnces of your answers...

Hall Of Fame:

- Leche159TKE

Hall Of Shame:


I'll go first,

Would you rather...eat 5 Kg's of soil...or...Lick an athletes armpits after a marathon (you are being filmed and uploaded to youtube for the second one)
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5 Kgs. Of Soil.

Would You Rather Marry A Reeeeally Ugly Girl Or A Gay Guy?

(opposite for girls)
Would You Rather Marry A Reeeeally Ugly Guy Or A Lesbian?
I would do both. The dirt alone would get really dry and the sweat would cure that. Also, the sweat would taste bad and the dirt would make it a little better.

Ok, would you rather shoot yourself in the shoulder or drown a puppy (came up in AP US History class somehow).

Edit: Don't look at the times and yell at me, I got dial-up

I would marry both, get thrown in jail for polygamy and never have to see them again.
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id marry the ugly girl, at least we can have straight sex...if we HAD to..

ok, would u rather cut off both your arms, or jump off a building, and catch your eyelid on a nail on the way down...ouch. (you can survive the fall btw)
Mike tyson I'd f*ck him up!!!!:)

Eat a big pile of poo or fight Kimbo Slice(hard bastard!)
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kimbo slice, hes nothing against me :hand:

Get buried alive in worms, or eat your body weight in hair.
buried alive...i couldn't even eat a little bit of hair

would you rather would you rather get totured by a large blunt object (i.e smashed repeatedly with a sledge hammer) or a small sharp object (i.e slahed with knife, seringes etc.)

EDIT: neither will kill you, you will be in PAIN
Beat with a blunt object...I hate being cut >.<

Would you rather throw up then eat it or have all of your toe nails ripped off.
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toe nails...

Eyes gouged out, or having too remove all your teeth yourself using nothing but a wrench.
I don't even know what the first one means....

Would you rather get schooled by your mom in Melee really bad in front of all your friends and family, or sleep with Michal Jackson.
Schooled lol.

Would you rather eat a rats bladder OR eat a dogs paw
Rats blatter, deep fried.

Would you rather:
have needles for leg hair
have flares of fire shoot out of your nose every time you say the word "the" (ouch).