For A Million Dollars Would You??


Jan 26, 2009
Wii Online Code
the object of this game is to ask a question, then someone answers it by saying **Yes Or No** Then leave a new question for the next poster.

So For a Million Dollars would you Losse your right leg?
Well I guess it would depend on how much i needed the money.
If i was going to die without it then yes.
But if i just wanted money then no.:p
I would lose my right leg. PSh, for a million dollars, I can buy sexy new legs :p
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Dont forget 2 leave a new question

For a million dollars would you go 2 war?
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For a million Dollars would you leave and forget about your family forever?
no, i care about them WAY too much 2 do that...
would u cut off ur little u (penis)
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you mean my big me ;] haha
And no i would not! never...

For a million dollars would u losse the girl of ur dreams?
Not really...

For a million dollars would you kill someone?

For a million dollars, would you answer yes to my question?
how long would i have 2 date the fat chick?
would u get hit by a car? (and live...)

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