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Jan 6, 2008
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The premise: One person says "would you _____ if you had to?" In every question, your survival is at stake for not doing what they ask you if you would. Then the next person answers yes or no and then poses a question of their own.
Example: Would you kill someone if you had to?

Would you _____ if you had to...etc.

I'll start: Would you eat someone if you had to?
This is kind of similar to the, "Have you ever" thread but I'll let mods make that jurisdiction. Til then, I'll play.

Would I eat someone? If it was the only way to survive, sure.

And yes, I would.

Would you let someone shoot you in the knee cap with a rifle if you had to?
I don't think I'd be able to inflict self pain such as that upon myself. My conscious wouldn't let me. If someone else did, sure.

My question above still lies
powerpc127 said:
@gymnast, man vs. wild?
yes, barely

Would you perform amputation on yourself w/out anasthetics if you had to?

yea i kinda stole it from that show...

yes if it was nessicary.

Would you.... remove your own tooth with out novacaine like in Castaway?
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sorry, there was some confusion up there but it has been edited since. My yes was to your question.
Would you kill your dog who you've had (and liked) since you were a kid, if you had to?
edit: ok, everything I posted so far has been @ARav
@gymnast, yes but only because I can't see my tooth being removed

My question is above
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that would be so hard.... im a softie...so no

We should give circumstances describing why we would have to.

If you were stuck in a dungeon with rats and you hadn't eaten in a month, would you eat one of the rats?