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Jun 1, 2006
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Called "Would you rather..."

one person starts with "Would you rather...", and gives two options, the next person gives their preference of the two items, then gives another question. I'll start.

Would you rather be on a reality show or guest star on a sitcom?
i would rather buy a Wii

Would you rather jump off a boat or a building?
I would rather jump off a boat

Would you rather eat a cocodrile or a serpent?
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(oops, forgot) You should also explain your choice

I'd rather eat a croc, because I have before (tastes like chicken... no, really)

Would you rather have a Mac or PC
A PC, because I am more familliar with them.

Would you rather date Peach or Daisy?
Alternative for females: Mario or Luigi?
I will rather live somewhre its boiling every day (Actually I live there)
Would you rather see TV or Play PS3?
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Would you rather beat the crap out of Suddam Hussain or the president of Nintendo..

By the way I would pick a Freezing place since you could protect yourself w/ coats and whatnot.

sry i posted twice......
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PC because i can buy a 200 dollar pc that would have better specs then ps3

If you were stranded on a island would you rather eat nasty coconuts for the rest of ur life or swim miles and miles to civilization
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nasty cocunuts because i dont like cold water

would you rather jump into a volcano or let your parents jump in
hmm...a difficult one, i'm gonna go with 360 cuz' a muffin is gone in a flash but a 360 will last least it should since it's so darn expensive!

what would u rather eat, food or insects

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