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Dec 9, 2007
is this the same as all the other xbox 360 packages. well i kno that in other ones u get more stuff but can u still do what the other 360's can like play xbox live and play all 360 games?
plz dont think im cheap im just wondering cuz y spend more money on the same thing?
plz help me understand the differences of all the packages
nd i know this is int the wrong spot but idk how to delete threads
all help is appreciated
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The thing is that it doesn't have a harddrive so you will have to spend $100 into buying a 20GB one, wich adds up to the same price as a 360 pro except that the pro comes with the headset. Elite is the same thing as a pro except it has different colors and they are about $400 just because its a different color. Also I think they have 2 different types of xbox 360 arcades, one with a wireless controller wich is 280 and one with a wired controller that is 250
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well im not gunna be downloading stuff probaly onto the 360 if i got one but would i have to get the hardrive anyway if i was just gonna use it to save stuff?
nd oh so the elite is basicly a ripoff
Hmm well you will need the hard drive to save stuff not just to download games, if you are gonna get the system then of course you are going to buy a lot of games for it so getting the hard drive is good so you can save all your stuff in there, doubt the memory card that the arcade one comes with will do any good.
no the elite comes with a 120 gig hard can save games with the included memory card with the arcade console. but i would get the hard drive just because you can get used ones from game stores.they are around 50-60 dollars.