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Jul 18, 2007
Wii Online Code
Come on guys your all on this secotion for a reason. talking about the 360.

Well did you know has a sister site.
yeah its fairly new and its growing. we would like all your support so come on over.

we now have over 200 members. since october. and is still growing. with your support we could have a nice welcoming community which could continue to grow. The current community is fairly active. And we have a great news team. with up to date news almost every day (thanks rival destiny) (and me:))
We just need a little boost. most of us already know each other and you would all be welcome. please come along just to at least have a look.

hope to see you there.
I'd recommend it, hopefully we can get the site even more active to have a huge ever present Xbox Live community.
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why no sticky this so its always at the top of the 360 section. we want them all over. after all. that why it was bought back
No need to sticky this, it's in the text commercials above anyway.
We have a fully function leader board of gamerscore, this includes your GT, your gamer picture, your last 5 games.

It has 360 news being reported on, reviews, discussions etc.

It also has Foxy.

I got you at Foxy, right?
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LolLOop foxy almost wants to make me signgainsgain