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digimon games on wide screen consoles

Discussion in 'Playstation Consoles' started by Mr.@$$, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. Mr.@$$

    Mr.@$$ Banned

    Oct 16, 2007
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    @$$ VEGAS
    i think digimon games on wide screen consoles aren't improving its becoming a pieace of crap and i think Digimon World (1) on PS1 is the best does anyone agree with me, give me your opinion about the all digimon games speacially the latest one Data Squad the Graphic look cool but the game is very slow.:sick: and boring if u can't sleep at night play it.
  2. lenitao3

    lenitao3 Pswii or Wii360 ???

    Dec 7, 2006
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    lol.......i have played all of the digimon games on ps1, not the data squad which i'm not planning to buy, digimon world 1 was super (for that time), digimon 2 was also good....but not as the 1st one, digimon 3 was very nice as well, better than 2 and worst than 1, digimon world 4 mayby was the worst..... :(

    i think the digimon games for the nintendo ds, especially the new ones seem very nice, since they have 400+ digimon, i've played them and they are even better than digimon 1 on ps1...... :)

    digimon data squad seems to be digimon 3 style with improved graphics, but the long loading time kills both game, even if they are good in a way.....:p

    a digimon game has also been officially announced for the wii!!!
    -but there is no info yet at all, but it may be better than the ps digimon games, if it has online and compatible with nds versions (like pokemon^__^ which i have been bored of a lot....) :(

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