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Dragonball Z Issue

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii Gaming' started by Clynch, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. Clynch

    Clynch WiiChat Member

    Nov 28, 2006
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    Is anyone else having an issue with the Dragonball Z multiplayer option?

    I have 2 wii-motes and 2 nunchucks hooked up and this works perfectly in other games such as Wii Sports, Red Steel, Rayman, etc.

    Unfortunately when we try to get into the DBZ multiplayer section the 1 player vs 2 player option will not light up with just two wii-motes/nunchucks. If I plug in an old game cube control into slot 2 on top of the Wii the multiplayer section will become active.

    Are you only able to use one wii-mote in multiplayer and the other player has to use a classic control or gamecube control?

    Anyone else having this issue? I've searched around and I cannot see anyone talking about this same issue.

    To be honest, I bought the game expecting to be able to use two wii-motes. On the back of the box it has a picture of two wii-motes. It will be very disappointing if it turns out that you cannot.

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