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Future pokemon games

Discussion in 'Pokemon' started by Prossy, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. Prossy

    Prossy WiiChat Member

    Oct 12, 2010
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    I know this wont ever happen but i wanna throw my idea out here and vent at the same time because i don't know about you lot but i'm getting sick and tired of nintendo rinse and repeating the same pokemon game since Red and Blue came out, also i wish they stop at Hoenn pokemon because the amount of pokemon altogether there are is getting ridiculous with the new Black and White coming out (prefer just giving the current pokemon new evolutions but that just me)

    Ok now my idea for a pokemon game it going to be big so it be more for the PC platform (possibly Wii console but rather PC cause for better game and not let you lazy people use action replay) a semi-mmorpg, doesn't require internet connection to play but if you have it you can talk/duel/train with other players when your in pokemon centres/cites/villages and other key locations but out in the wild your alone unless your in a 3 person party/group so you don't have everyone all over the place, have this game more based on the pokemon series and movies then the other pokemon games.

    What i mean by more based on the series and movies (besides having all regions availble on one game) is having your character the trainer more involved then just something to move your pokemon from A to B, like Trainer class's (Pokemon league trainer/ coordinator / pokemon breeder) also you can choose the backround and which region to start from, so when you choose a region to start from and choose that region's starter pokemon you then beable to choose the Trainer class you want to be, also give trainers levels instead of relying on badges so trainers need to level up before learn pokemon certain moves or go certain places or trade/ carry high level pokemon etc.

    Let me explain the class's more, League trainers besides from being able to take the league challenge are able to teach pokemon high powered moves (when they learned how to teach them of course) to pokemon, Coordinators besides taking part in festivals for the grand festival are able to dress up their pokemon, use seals on their pokeballs/ make & use poffins & pokeblock that increase festival stats. Breeders unable to train their pokemon moves (but pokemon still able to learn moves themselves) are able to make pokemon food which make the pokemon stronger and give more stats when they level and use first aid items that are not only better then normal first aid items but only avaible to breeders but they can use breeder only special food and first aid items on pokemon from other trainers who are in the same party as the breeder (breeder find those items from the pokemart)

    Most importantly get rid of TM's and HM's completly and instead like the series have the trainer be able to teach the move to the pokemon (once the trainer learns how to teach a pokemon that move) like for example have the pokemon you want to learn a certain move watch other pokemon in the wild or in battles or in training etc. Have a skill book page in the pokedex and ranks for each move the pokemon knows so for each rank in lets say flamethrower the pokemon has the more accurate and powerful that move has when pokemon use it so when that pokemon gets exp points when using that move it eventually rank up and also that pokemon learns how to defend against moves used on it and each rank lets the pokemon +% rating on how to dodge/defend against that move, egg moves be pokemon breeder class only. Pokemon still able to learn move by themselves of course.

    Get rid of PP for the moves but instead have an energy bar that refills itself like rogues in WoW. Pokemon also require rest and food which reflect on how fast energy refills for the pokemon and how well they fight like for example when a pokemon is tired and hungry their energy bar refils slowly/ moves are not as strong & accurate as usual and they not defend as good, no more using potions and x-items being used during battles, potions are for out of combat only recovering pokemon hurt pokemon (they still have a health bar), pokemon may heal when sleeping and eating but very very slowly, remove revive altogether and when the pokemon faints in battle and you put it back into it's pokeball it gets 1 hp and requires sleep and can not be used again during the battle it faints in

    Getting back on the semi-mmorpg part when you enter pokemon centres, villages and cities (when you have internet connection of course) you be able to meet other players but when you talk to them you need to be next to them to see what they saying (purely to stop spamming), also you can use pay phones that are in pokemon centres to chat to players not in the same town/ region to other payphones and pokegear (payphones require money to use purely to help stop the infamous gold spammers that plague mmo's) pokegears require level and special requirements to get but don't require money but there wont be a search engine so you don't get people botting phoning you out the blue, if you want people to phone you- you need to be on their friends list and give them their number, there is also a mail system that you can also send pokegear information this way and also send items except pokemon this way. just like the show when you have more then 6 pokemon you need to go into a pokecentre and phone where you got your starter pokemon and switch pokemon you have on you with the ones you have in storage (when you visit in person you can see your pokemon in storage running around outside)

    Trading you have to do in a pokecentre and have a long CD between each trade and you can't trade with characters on the same account so you can't exploit the breeder's raising bonus etc, get rid of the trading function needed to evolve certain pokemon (kadabra, machoke, hunter etc) and make them evolve a different way, keep the items needed (steelix, electvire, scizor etc) just remove the need to trade it's just a waste of time

    When meeting wild pokemon instead of the the games now where you walk in grass and it magically appears you can see wild pokemon running around and the area for certain level of pokemon like for example at the starting area only lvl 2-5 pokemon then later on in other areas only high lvl pokemon but instead no matter what area you in you can find between level 2-100 pokemon but unlike other mmorpg's when you are in range of them they wont attack you unless you engage them first, you can check the wild pokemon's level with the pokedex but like the show some pokemon might attack (like the famous beedrill) but like the show you get a choice to run or send out a pokemon to battle it unlike the current pokemon games where you are forced to send out your first position pokemon before you can run, just like the show you can either let a pokemon walk with you or have it rest in it's pokeball also depending on the pokemon let it sit on your shoulder or carry it in your hands

    Last but not least the pokedex make it more like in the show where it is actually an encyclopedia of pokemon where you scan a wild pokemon and it tells you about it unlike in the pokemon games now you have to find it and catch it to get information on the pokemon, sure lets have a mark next to the pokemon name on the list to tell you that you have seen/caught it but get rid of the area function on it and add it to the pokemon centres (like you have to ask nurse joy what pokemon been spotted around the area of the centre recently) make the pokedex also tell you what the moves that the pokemon that you just caught know and it's abilities just like paul did in season 10 and skills & ranks it knows that i explained earlier in a previous paragraph

    I'm sorry it is a long post but i needed to write this down
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  2. zach1325

    zach1325 Desciple of The 'Karp

    Oct 24, 2012
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    Kanto,Lavender Town
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    Actualy pretty cool sounding but i just dont see nintendo releasing a game on pc, but otherwise it is a great concept for a game.
  3. Neosquid

    Neosquid (owo)凸

    Jan 25, 2009
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    Wii Friend Code: 6666-1020-6666-1020
    Be lucky I didn't stop reading here.

    Right, because you can't hack on PC games.
    I like the multiplayer concept.

    Seems a little overkill, but that's just me.
    Playing as a different trainer class could be interesting.

    I fail to see why we need to copy the anime perfectly....I like TM's/HM's. =/

    Ranks seem like a good idea.

    Maybe have both PP and the bar?

    I like the tired concept, could make things more interesting. Only, I think items should be able to be used in battle.

    I think that would be nice.

    I guess.

    At first, due to the discouraging first paragraph and the crappy grammar, I expecting this to be a complete train wreck. However, I do like some of these ideas.

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