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Read before posting - Official Pokemon Library

Discussion in 'Pokemon' started by Chicagoan, Jul 27, 2007.

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  1. Chicagoan

    Chicagoan Official Breeder.

    Mar 16, 2007
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    Welcome to the Pokemon Library

    Hi! So you want to trade your Palkia, right? You can find it here. What? You are not willing to give your level 100 Palkia? You say you wanna fight? OK. No problem!!! You may find tbe battle thread here too!!

    Come on man! You said you wanna fight!!! Why are you asking about sending eggs? Well, never mind, you can find the link here as well!!!

    Are you kidding me? Do not waste my time, please!!! Now you are saying that you need to get advice about your team... Argh!! Please... drop it off... Just go and select the link that you need!!!!

    Do not ask me questions!!! I'm tired of you :lol: Just go to the Q & A threads and post your question there!! No man... you are weird buddy! For EV training you have another link!

    Do not say anything else!!! Just read the rules and the posting guidelines.


    The Official Pokemon Trading Thread

    The Official Pokemon Battle Thread

    Just for breeders. If you need an egg, contact the awesome breeders and EV breedcrs

    The Official Rate my Team Thread

    All about Pokemon Contest. The Official Thread is here!

    If you have questions about the games, just post it here. Do not ask about EV nor IV

    All about EV and IV training. Raise the Pokemons to an outstanding level. Learn how here

    Well!!! I do not hear you bugging my head, so I think that you finally got that you can find anything you need in this thread. Good luck and enjoy.
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