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Gamespot fires EIC Jeff Gerstmann for low game score

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by JerryC, Dec 1, 2007.

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    Sep 18, 2007
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    From Kotaku:

    We've heard an unsettling rumor today from an anonymous tipster that longtime game reviewer Jeff Gerstmann from Gamespot has been let go. That wouldn't necessarily be newsworthy, but the conditions under which he was allegedly dismissed were. According to the source, Gerstmann was fired "on the spot" due to advertiser pressure for his review of Eidos' Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. A visit to Gamespot shows that the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game has taken over the site very prominently, with backgrounds and multiple banner ads all pitching Kane & Lynch. Allegedly, publisher Eidos "took issue with the review and threatened to pull its ad campaign."

    He gave the game a 6.0/10.0, and the review has been hidden from the main page, you actually have to search manually for it to read it.

    This guy has been the main writer for that site for around 7-8 years, if not longer. I'm sure he'll get a job instantly at IGN or another comparable gaming site, but it's still quite hilarious how much involved money is in terms of reviews of games and movies on websites. Half the **** you read in terms of ratings and scores is heavily influenced by how much money these websites are given by companies that in turn would be getting free hype to their game.

    I used to go to gamespot for my primary source of gaming reviews, as they were one of the few who didn't throw around 85% and higher scores for the hell of it. **** this site now, though.

    (Yes, I'm aware Eidos paid CNet (owner of Gamespot) to put their banners and ads of the game, all over gamespot.com, and as such isn't at Gamespots discretion to fire the Ed-in-Chief, but rather CNet's instead)

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