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Is it possible to change the button configuration?

Discussion in 'Virtual Console, WiiWare and DSIWare' started by JoonKimDDS, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. JoonKimDDS

    JoonKimDDS WiiChat Member

    Dec 17, 2006
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    I was playing super mario world because I am a big fan of that game.

    But I am very disappointed with buttons.
    I use gamecube controller to play it but they made jump button and dash button impossible to be pressed at the same time with same finger because B is the jump and Y or X is the dash.
    They shoul've made B into spinning jump and A into regular high jump so that people can dash and jump. That's the beauty of super mario world because people can dash fast and fly like crazy when they press jump but now they can't because the buttons are too far away.

    is there anyway to change the button configuration?
    or is it just Nintendo's way of making money by forcing us to get classic controller instead of gamecube controller??
  2. CaseyCor

    CaseyCor WiiChat Member

    Aug 29, 2006
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    I don't believe so, sadly. I really don't understand why they didn't incorporate this, it would of been easy to do and very useful.
  3. sagema

    sagema 3D Artist

    Dec 5, 2006
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    Wii Friend Code: 4496-9128-1304-3457
    No. But they could change that later. However I think because of the current setup it's not possible. It may require some serious overhauls.

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