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Karaoke Revolution Glee Release Date and Full Song List Announced

Discussion in 'Nintendo News & Rumors' started by Wii News, Oct 19, 2010.

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    Oct 10, 2009
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    Konami today announced that Karaoke Revolution Glee will be hitting stores in North America on November 9, exclusively for Wii. The game will showcase the chart-topping music and spellbinding performances from the smash-hit TV show. Aside from also releasing the brand-spanking new screenshots that you see here, Konami also unveiled the following song list:

    • Somebody to Love
    • Gold Digger
    • No Air
    • My Life Would Suck Without You
    • You Can’t Always Get What You Want
    • Proud Mary
    • Endless Love
    • Defying Gravity
    • And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going
    • Taking Chances
    Karaoke Revolution Glee gives fans and gamers everywhere a chance to test their vocal prowess alongside the Glee cast with some of the best-loved songs from Season One. The millions of fans nationwide can now join in with performances of up to 30 chart-topping hits and tunes from the TV series as they watch some of the favourite scenes from Season One play out on screen. Karaoke Revolution Glee will also use Karaoke Revolution’s proprietary voice recognition technology, which accurately recognises and scores vocal pitch and rhythm, helping gamers to reach those hard-hitting notes and perfect their harmonies.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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