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Konami's direction...castlevania and contra

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii Chat' started by mike6432, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. mike6432

    mike6432 WiiChat Member

    Jan 6, 2010
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    Hi not sure where to put this but I recently downloaded Contra rebirth and Castlevania adventure rebirth for wii and I'm a little bit disappointed.

    With both games I'm disappointed at the graphics. The graphics are very cartoonish and cheesy. Not dark enough. Not serious enough. In Contra, what's really stupid is when you pick a character, they say, "lets party" - give me a break, are you serious? What's also annoying is that you can't run and fire at the same time, it makes you stand still. A plus of the game though, is that it's very hard.

    Castlevania - ugh-, it's OK. The graphics though just seem to be a mismash of older games. Those rolling eyeballs? Please, that's annoying and from castlevania for GB. YES, I realize this is somewhat of a gameboy castlevania redo, but it's clearly not once you get playing the levels. In one level I saw the library background from symphony of the night... Come on.

    Back to the subject of this thread though - it seems since symphony of the night, that konami is belting loose with the anime looking characters. I don't like that. I never felt that with older castlevanias. Castlevania is supposed to take place in Europe, not Japan. Symphony of the night is without a doubt the best castlevania out there, while in the illustrations, there was a bit of anime look, there was still a good balance of that and non anime illustrations. But the game had the best game play, story, graphics, sound, music and mechanics. The most effort was put into that game. The 2nd best in my opinion is Castlevania 4 for SNES. Then Dracula X was a bit lame. Simon Belmont in Super Castlevania (IV) had the ability to whip in all directions, why don't they implement this in the new games??? And what's with the overuse of those big skulls with the blue flame around them? ever since they have been using them in symphony of the night, I must have seen them in a bunch of CV games now.

    I really hope Konami makes a real disc version of a game smiliar to symphony of the knight for Wii, in levels of complexity, effort and style. I hope these two games that were released under Wii Ware were just teasers to quench the old school konami fans' thirsts. I see they are coming out with a new one for PS3 and xbox. Most likely due to graphics capabilities. But castlevania is meant to be a 2D game - So I'm sure wii has more than the capabilities than what's needed for a complex and graphically beautiful 2d platformer...that's not childish.

    Anyhoo, just a rant and rave, I feel a bit like Jerry Seinfeld (what's the deal with the blue flame skulls)

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