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Lockerz.com Free invations! get prizes with Points you earned!see!!

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii Chat' started by Locker1001, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. Locker1001

    Locker1001 WiiChat Member

    Nov 19, 2009
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    Hey guys,

    i am a member of Lockerz.com and i am inviting for free peoples who wanna join this great site.

    What's Lockerz.com?

    Lockerz is a site where you need to play games(CatchPTZ, you can earn max 60 points a day with this game if you hack xD),Answer Dailies (to get PTZ).

    Do i need to do surveys?

    No you don't need! You only need to answer on dailes and it takes you only 1-5minutes a day!

    Is this all for FREE?

    Ofcourse it is.Lockerz. have got awesome sponsors so that they can send awards/prizes to all countrys in the world 4 free.

    Do i need to pay for shipping or other taxes?

    Nope you don't need.Lockerz sends from USA prizes what you redeem-ed at the site so the USA,Canada,UK,Europe and Philippines.And it's 100% totality free!

    Are there special status?

    Yes it's. It is called Z-Lister.You earn double of points everyday!

    What prizes are there?

    Here are some of he things they give;

    Xbox360 Elite/Arcade
    iPod Shuffle
    Amazon.de/.fr/co.uk gift cards( 50€,200€ and 450€)
    iPod Skins
    WII Console
    Original games!
    ... And tons of other things!

    Can i trust Lockerz.com?Are there any real proofs?

    Ofcourse there are Proofs for lockerz!

    Two are here!



    Proof#2 (Screenshot)

    How to join Lockez.com?

    You need an invite to join Lockerz.com!

    next stackout?

    is it at 30thNovember and 15th December so don't miss! other comes in December oir january!

    Want to join?Send me a PM on this forum with your GMAIL address and than i will invite you 4 free!
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