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Need some help with Japanese Nintendo Wii

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii Hardware' started by Kenryuakuma, May 26, 2007.

  1. Kenryuakuma

    Kenryuakuma WiiChat Member

    May 26, 2007
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    Well...mine is the Japanese Nintendo Wii. I have just had it modded by a popular and trusted modder. My question is not the modder but the modchip itself or the system itself. Forget to tell you that my modchip is Wii Key. After running the config, the NSTC U/C games of gamecube worked fine and had zero problem. As yo know, mine is the Japanese Wii, and of course, I can play Japanese GC games on it. Yes I can, but I have a problem with that.

    I tried to play the Naruto 4, which is Japanese, when it booted, it said something in Japanese, which is in red color, which is what I don't understand. And then I had to press the A button on the GC controller to select yes or no. I had no choice but to press yes in order to process the game. If I pressed no, something at the bottom indicating something like the battery thing. Well, it did boot. However, after you selected your characters, the whole game froze, and after a minute, a message popped up saying something like the battery XXXX off and please check the User Manual. Woo! Damn it! It is Japanese and how the heck do I understand. It is my stupidity to have bought a Japanese Wii, of which language I do not really understand. Would somebody help please? I think it should be in the Manual. If somebody is willing to get me the online manual in English, I really appreciate that. According to my understanding, there are three manuals in one package.

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