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New Nintendo fan? come here for your must-have list.

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii Gaming' started by Wiitendo, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. Wiitendo

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    Jan 28, 2007
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    Mushroom kingdom :P
    Hey people. Lets not be stupid, wii has made millions of new nintendo fans or friends. You guys over saw the gamecube as a bad graphix, no good crap. THIS IS NOT TRUE! the gamecube has tons of games that ALL ages will love, from the cheeky little six year old, to the M rated and graphix raving teens, to the old school gamers, to grandpa and grandma.

    Must have list for the nintendo gamecube:

    -Super Mario sunshine :yikes:
    why: A great succecor to mario 64, this game is a must-have topper.

    -Legend of zelda: the wind waker :yikes:
    why: The zelda game for the gamecube, new animations dosent make it a lesser game. This is one of the best game i have ever played. So uniqe and fun, filled with great story and timeline to the zelda series.

    -Super smash bros melee :yikes:
    why: This god of a game needs no introduction nor an explanation.

    -Mario kart doubledash!! :yikes:
    why: another classic, this game is not only an action-packed fun racing game. It's range of charecters, tracks, karts, game modes, and more are beyond speakable. A true nintendo classic.

    -Metroid prime 2: Echoes :yikes:
    why: This is for you halo and FPS fanboys, Metroid is a master piece. action packed in everyway! This is the BEST FPS i have ever played, now in multiplayer, metroid has never bin the same. This game has no bound. A must-have for ALL FPS/Nintendo gamers.

    -Legend of zelda orcarina of time: Master quest :yikes:
    why: For those of you who missed out on the greatest fanatasy game in the world, back on the N64 this is for you. Two games on one disk. Zelda masterquest is a 10 times harder version of the original any zelda fan's prized possesion. PLUS! it has the original classic legend of zelda orcarina of time! this is the top of the tops a must have for any nintendo wii/gamecube owner.

    ********WARNING RATED M*********

    -Prince of persia: The two thrones :yikes: :yikes: :yikes:
    why: THIS IS THE POWER OF NINTENDO! every type of game for everytype of gamer. This is an amazing action packed succecor the the famous prince of persia series, a must have for any older gamer. (Watch for prince of persia: Rivel swords for the Wii!!!)

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