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Possible Wii update issue?

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii Hardware' started by polly.1985, Mar 12, 2010.

  1. polly.1985

    polly.1985 WiiChat Member

    Mar 12, 2010
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    Wales, UK
    Hi all, noob here, and not a total tech-head either - so those of you who are will have to bear with me :D

    I pray to the 'Wii God' that someone, somewhere, will come to my rescue, as so far Nintendo America have not been too helpful... so I'll try and give you as much info as I can without boring everyone stupid :)

    Bought my Wii second hand from my sister about a year ago. Never had any issues, until I connected to the Wii internet a couple of weeks ago. Connected fine, wirelessly through BT Broadband Homehub 2. Downloaded iPlayer, then clicked OK on the prompt to update my Wii. Turned off the Wii as it was late at night, and then went to explore it some more the following day - only to discover that my Wii was poorly, and after the 'health and safety' screen I now get the error message:-

    "Your system files are corrupted. Please refer to the Wii Instruction Manual for help troubleshooting."

    Well I've done that, and there is nothing in relation to this issue. I can't even get to the menu to go into options and have a shufty there.

    The console is about 2 years old, not chipped/modded, but I don't have the receipt at the minute. I have spoken with Nintendo America over the phone and they want me to send it to them where they will quote me a fix price. I have a couple of issues with this:-

    1. It is only since downloading their update/iplayer software (mere hours later with no gameplay inbetween) that I have had issues. I have read on other Wii messageboards that there have been incomplete updates sent out through the Wii internet - so I think that that could be a possible reason for my Wii's demise. IF that is the reason - why should I pay for them to fix one of their software issues?

    2. Is there not a way for them to trace from the serial number when/where it was bought to determine whether it's still in warranty? I can almost guarantee that it was bought from an Argos - my sister is on the hunt for the receipt/credit card statement with the purchase on anyway.

    A hard reset would do me tbh, although online this has been hard to come by. I'm not fussed on losing my game data/mii's as it will be fun going through all of my games again from scratch :)

    Any help greatly appreciated, even if it only gets me to the Wii menu screen. Although also I seem to have unsynced my wiimotes by holding the console button too long, and now it won't re-sync, lol. Not my year so far for the Wii!

    Cheers all xxx
  2. daisyJ27

    daisyJ27 Angel Of Chaos

    Oct 29, 2009
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    Wii Friend Code: 0000-0000-0000-0000
    :wink:the same thing happen to me twice but all I did was turn it off then turn it back on I suggest you do the same I hope it helps

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