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Projection screen and Aiming guns?!

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii Hardware' started by archaic0, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. archaic0

    archaic0 WiiChat Member

    Dec 3, 2010
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    McAlester, OK
    OK, so up until last night, I had played friends Wii's for a while but I had only played sports games and a few other one-off type things. Nothing that I had to aim really, just motion control. Last night I got all set up at home with my own and things were as expected until I tried to shoot at the screen.

    I bought the zapper and got the crossbow training game with it and I'm not able to aim AT the screen or anything remotely close to it. The only way I was able to play successfully was to hold the zapper at my stomach and just use the crosshair to aim instead of the actual zapper pointing at where I wanted to shoot. And while that 'works' it's certainly a waste of a zapper if I can't actually use it like I would a gun and AIM with it.

    I know my setup is probably the problem, but wondered if anyone has overcome this issue in their similar environment. I read for hours before I set things up about projectors and big screens and custom sensor bars, but everything seemed to point to there being no issue with using either the normal bar or any one of the aftermarket options, but nothing I found talked about aiming, only distance from the screen and jitter.

    Here is my setup:

    I have a 110" diagonal 16:9 screen being projected.

    I'm using an aftermarket wireless sensor bar. (IR illuminator - why do they call it a sensor when it's nothing of the sort? *sigh*)

    The bar has a sliding adjustment to move the outer LEDs closer or further away by about 4 inches and I've seen no difference with either the minimum or maximum setting so far.

    I have the bar at the bottom of my screen - which is about 3 feet of the ground and so it's basically at eye level when sitting on the couch, and waist level when standing up.

    My room is about 12 feet from screen to back wall, and of course the couch is there so we're either playing at 9-10 feet back while sitting or standing 6-8 feet back.

    A couple thoughts I had that I wondered if they might address the issue:

    1. Make custom IR light sources to put at the mid point of the screen on the left and right edge. (or put candles on shelves there)

    2. Put custom IR light sources BEHIND the screen somewhere. (definitely NOT candles) A bright enough light, IR or otherwise, would shine through the screen material.

    Does anyone here have a screen setup like this? And have you been able to actually aim a gun accessory at a particular point on the screen and have the crosshair actually be THERE?

    I WAS dying to play some of the other shooter games, but if I have to just move a crosshair around and don't get to actually aim a gun accessory then the novelty is gone and I probably won't be able to get past the graphics and I'll just go back to the computer where games look better and when I move my crosshairs around they don't feel like they are attached by rubber bands.

    Please tell me that things can be better. I really want to stand in the living room and shoot at my TV for some reason. *smile*

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