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re:Which should i get,The godfather,Excite Truck or SSX Blur???

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by tanooki, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. tanooki

    tanooki WiiChat Member

    Jan 12, 2007
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    Columbus,OH USA
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    This is regarding an old thread that wouldn't allow me to reply,shows you how much I actually visit this forum...

    Actually I'm not one of those (you) losers who lives my life through other peoples accomplishments and actually think they are better because a certain team from their town or nearby town wins a game,you actually think you had something to do with it don't you?. I could give a **** less about sports and just because I live in a certain state or city,assuming such a thing really shows how much of a pathetic life you must lead. And also to lee.jarratt,I don't really look at who I'm replying to in particular but If I've said some similar things in other threads towards you,that should tell you something. I wasn't trying to be rude,it's just my personal opinion. If I listened to even half of the reccomendations from users on this site I would have quite a few crappy games.I myself would have reccomended Excite Truck...you know why? Because it's the only one out of the three I've played. Now If I hadn't told you that and said something like...I would go for Excite Truck as The Godfather is really slow and boring and SSX Blur is too complicated and not very much fun at all...how helpful would that be? Anyone can say get this game,that one sucks...etc but how do you know they even played them at all? Read reviews as you said you did and possibly rent or play at the store before you buy. It's not hard. I just think people would do better,most of the time,to not ask "what game is better",the only one who can definitively answer that question is you,don't you think?

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