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Super Paper Mario Review

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii Gaming' started by RivalDestiny, Jul 22, 2007.

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    This is my...8th review I think...only my 2nd Wii game review...today i'll be reviewing Super Paper Mario for the Wii..

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    Super Paper Mario Review

    Super Paper Mario, A Classic?

    Gameplay 9/10
    The gameplay for Super Paper Mario isn't anything like the Paper Mario for N64 or the Gamecube, those were RPG's. This one though is a platformer, like the mario's on the SNES and NES. Something different from the previous paper mario's is that you have pixls. Each of them have a different abilities that help you along the story.

    The levels are somewhat long, but can be done. To kill a monster, simply jump on them or maybe use one of your pixls (EX: Bomb). Also whenever you do kill a monster, you gain EXP and points, which increase your power and your health bar as well. If you do level up, you don't have as much power, you don't get to put how much health you want or how much power you desire. Instead in every level you'll encounter a new "Pixl", you have to use each and every one of them to advance the story further.

    Another great feature is switching from 2-D to 3-D. By the click of the A button you can switch dimensions. But if you stay in the 3-D world to long, you'll start to lose HP (Health Points). There will be puzzles which require you to go into 3-D to solve, the puzzles could be a little harder though..they seemed to easy in my opinion.

    The boss fights are also pretty cool, you may still turn from 2-D to 3-D, and the boss battles are not as easy as you think..

    2-D Paper Mario

    Graphics, Good in 2-D...How about 3-D? 8/10
    The 2-D graphics in this game are very good. The levels are designed very neatly, and are very clean and crisp. On the other hand...the 3-D could be improved on. Sometimes when you switch into 3-D, it will seem like you're in a square box with nothing inside.. (sorry can't think of another >.>). Otherwise, the 2-D runs very smoothly and is also bright and vibrant..

    Story 8.5/10
    The story in this game is probably one of the best out of all the Mario games (like any of them were actually good xD). As you go along you'll encounter different playable characters like Peach. Also amazingly you can communicate with your pixls, so they tie in the story very well. I don't really want to spoil anything, but in my opinion the story is top notch..

    3-D Paper Mario

    Replayability 7/10
    You can replay this game if you're bored...but I advise not to. There are different mini games that you can fool around with if you're bored, but that comes later in the game.

    Rent or Buy?
    I'd give this a rental...the game can be beaten in a couple of days. If you do want to buy it, they're going for about $50.

    Overall Score

    9+8+8.5+7= 8.4/10

    If you have any comments or questions just send me a PM...
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