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The Nintendo NX new console aka CORE

Discussion in 'Wii U' started by stickmode, Mar 27, 2016.

  1. stickmode

    stickmode WiiChat Member

    Feb 4, 2009
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    Hi, long time without posting. As a Nintendo fan I'll discuss the new console and the future perspectives. First, Nintendo has to regain the console market for both the core and casual gamers to beat Sony and Microsoft for once and for all. As we expect Nintendo to get the absolute domination without competence, (like the NES and SNES eras). We need a console to upperform in those markets and the mobile market, yes the mobile market where the casuals are the majority, a huge market that Nintendo needs to enter. Which means the cellphones are in direct competency with the new console, so the new console has to be both a portable and a home console. No more separate consoles for two markets, just one where Nintendo needs to concentrate if they want to win the console war. Nintendo has to adapt and improve the motion control technology with more sensitivity, instead of focus in a tablet controller. Use big multitouch screen instead of two like the 3DS. It has to be a modular console, what this means is that you can upgrade each console's component like CPU/GPU, memory, SSD, the key buttons of the controller in a easy way like upgrading your PC. Also, the system has to allow adjusting the game performance settings accordingly the hardware specs, if you have more ram, faster CPU, your game will run at high settings with better graphics and FPS. Don't worry about the console price, Nintendo has to find an average price offering many options for every pocket. That will offer an advantage over competitors that can't offer better prices, like a mobile upgrade plan or something like that. The game developers are moving to virtual reality switching their games from consoles and PC to VR headset devices, and Nintendo has to take care of this trend offering a console with a curved screen that can be transformed to a VR headset, with games that support both modes the console mode and the VR mode. It also has to use something like gloves connected to sensors to move in a virtual environment along the controllers, a high resolution camera to track these movements, a high li-ion battery for long gaming sessions with a charge base. Support multiplayer up to four controllers at the same time, high online infrastructure servers to support online gaming. These are some ideas of how Nintendo has to embark this new console that I'll call the "Nintendo CORE", because it has to be the center of everything from your home entertaiment to a portable one like your cellphone, and has to be multifunctional too in every aspect of your life. In future post I will give you a diagram of how I imagine this console has to be...
  2. DBloke

    DBloke RIP and tea you say?
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    May 30, 2006
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    No, if a console becomes upgradablie it sparks memorys of the Mega CD, 32X and Jag CD, consoles are ment to be plu in and play, as soon as you have to add and remove parts you might as well go PC

    Again, read above
    Do worry about this, most people will go for the cheaper machine to play the latest games
    This drives the price up

    This is blatant, even if local multi-player is annoyingly being fazed out
  3. BluRayPSP

    BluRayPSP TF2 Best Characters

    Jul 7, 2009
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    I agree with mostly everything DBloke says. The only thing that I'm neutral at is the upgrading. I can't agree nor disagree with the statement. Consoles are meant to be plug and play, no confusion in similar aspects to PC, where specs are so different, games will work differently. The only counter for that, is that Nintendo need apply proprietary upgrades maybe four to five years within the life cycle, but keeping it away in the aspect of Sega and more like PC. Best way I can describe it is similar to the New Nintendo 3DS fiasco, they expected consumers to have 3DS' and to buy a this new one only for mainly it's CPU. Why not have a console where you can change out it's parts? It's not like others modify their units (hackers), but a consumer friendly way of updating.

    One thing I diagree with completely with on Original Poster, is that VR is too expensive. I can still put up with Anagliph 3D Glasses and still have an enjoyable 3D experience without needing to fit some screen onto my head. I do want the experience, but that's something I can wait for the price to drop on. I've never heard of a curved screen tablet, and that doesn't even sound pocket friendly.

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