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(wc) official clan thread

Discussion in 'Nintendo Clans' started by riordan_85, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. riordan_85

    riordan_85 WiiChat Member

    Apr 12, 2011
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    Quad Cities, IA
    just putting up a new thread so other clans can see us and stop by to challenge.'

    Welcome to the Wii Chat [WC] Thread.

    This is for Member Joining and just shooting the ****. Only members of WC can post off topic. Feel free to look around and read some of the garbage that has accumulated over time.

    If you want to Join our Clan....


    Level 56 to level 45 is welcome.

    No toobers!

    No Hackers! or if you do hack/mod do NOT hack/mod the games that you are playing with your teammates.

    No poor sports ie. Host Quitting, if you are host.

    You will have trial games with one of us or maybe as a whole team to see how you can cope in the heat of battle before you can join us. Not just anyone can join.

    Post your FC# with your KDR and I John011 will add you to play a few games. My FC# is in my Signature.

    You DO NOT have to use the WC name if you do not want to, but it seems that mostly everyone wants to anyway lol.

    Our Chatzy room to talk and discuss our games live are done here http://www.chatzy.com/349416868120 if you aren't a member yet you can still drop on in and see if any of us are online.

    If you want to become a member of the WC clan. These are our current members add them to your Friends list and make sure to post your FC# so we all can add you.

    Current Members.
    [WC]HostQuit - FC# 1858-7219-2781
    [WC] A C E - FC# 1050-9986-2265
    WC-Zanapher - FC# 4845-6236-5153
    WC-Volcarona - FC# 1512-1772-5792
    [WC] Bolrae - FC# 3676-7207-8347
    [WC] Patrick - FC# 0868-2424-7761
    WC-ANDY - FC#
    WC-HOOT - FC# 2871-3279-0214
    [WC] Ryno - FC# 2927 0587 1926
    {WC} YO MAMA - FC# 0868-2424-7761
    [WC] Echo - FC# 0689-0434-9393
    [WC] UNKNOWN - FC# 1328-2546-1378
    [WC] Known - FC# 0071-2502-7383
    [WC] Cerberus - FC# 4347-1398-9303
    [WC] Goldie - FC# 4383-2635-7130
    And more are in progress.

    UNKNOWN1 Level 56

    May 28, 2011
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    New York
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    sup, nice thread

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