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Wezeles Wii Game Reviews

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii Gaming' started by wezeles, Feb 9, 2008.

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    Got bored so here ya go hope this helps you decide when renting or buying. These are all the games that I own so far.

    Wezeles Wii Game Reviews

    GH3: 8/10 another great install to the GH games although no downloadable songs does suck there is plenty of unlockable songs to keep you busy for a while.

    MOH:H2: 8/10 Nice online but very glitchy and not the perfect FPS that Wii should be able to perform with the wiimotes capabilities. Although it is nice with on-the-rail or free style setup aswell as wii zapper/elite control options.
    They can however do much better job with FPS and the Wii-mote

    Battalion Wars 2: 9/10 I love Strategy fighting games and this is a nice sequal to the fisrt. In depth story line and you see everyones point of view when playing in the mission mode. Online mode is pretty cool and pushed this game over the top as just another fun strategy game in my mind. Awsome controls and interactions with your Battalion.

    Endless Ocean:7/10 For what its used for its a nice game. Relaxing and calm go at your own pace and explore. Best part is you can also listen to your tunes on your SD card. Nice game for a night cap. :smilewinkgrin:

    Ghost Squad: 8/10 for an on the rails shooter its pretty cool, kinda corny but gives you the "arcade feeling" that its going for. Not as good as REUC but good for the price. A must with a Friend! The Online is only score boards.

    REUC: 9/10 another on the rails shooter but awsome including a "best of" the RE games mixed into this one game but on-the-rails. Alot of info in this cram packed story but worth the price.

    RE4: 9/10 another great addition to the RE series cant think of anything bad to say about it.

    Sonic and Mario at the Olympics: 7/10 It's a fun game but some parts are annoying and not that great I appreciated the shooting part best, but still was left unsatisfied for the price. Great party game nothing more still get bored fast IMO and the online is only scoreboard.

    Mario Party 8: 8/10 Although I'm not a huge fan of the Mario Party lineup, "Mostly because of the recycled mini game concept, and the fact my wife forces me to play 1-7" I liked this one using the Wii-mote is a nice change of pace. Yes a Wii-mote can make even a borign game seem fun again..lol

    Super Mario Galaxy: 9/10 Although I don't think its the best eddition to the Mario series, its a nice and somewhat long game with plenty to go back and do! Better overall setup over the previous games, although the story is something to be desired.

    Star Wars Lego's Complete Saga: 10/10 I love star wars and I lover Legos this is by far the best of the Star Wars Lego series. Although it's nothing more than giving you all 6 movies to play instead of 3 at a time like before. There is plenty extra content to unlock to keep you busy for weeks if not months in single and multi player mode!
    If you never played Lego Star Wars pick this one up.

    Trama Center Second Opinion: 7/10 stolen from the handhed and transported to the Wii, I still freak out ever time I kill a patient. Although not the funnest game it will improve your Wii-mote skills and accuracy 10 fold.

    Wario Ware Smoth Moves: 8/10 One of the best party games for the Wii so far. It's the best way to aquant newbies to the Wii-mote and have silly fun in the process. Recomend playing drunk makes it 10 times better.. :lol:

    Red Steel: 7/10 fun game but not the best for Wii controls. Says launch game all over it but the story is decent and the game itself is fun.

    Monster Truck 4x4 World Circuit: 7/10 This is a decent ATV racing game, one of the first on the Wii but not the best thats for sure, still fun.

    Wii Play: 4/10 Worth it for the extra Wii-mote but do not pay more than 10 dollars for this game by itself. It is only usefull for introducing people to the Wii-mote and thats about it i rarely come back to this game.

    Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz: 9/10 Best of the super monkey ball series IMO... Loads of mini games and the controls for the regular game are way improved with the Wii-mote over having to be a skilled surgeon with a joystick.. :lol:

    Super Paper Mario: 8/10 Great addition to the Paper Mario games, although not as dedicated of an RPG game,the introduction of 2D and 3D on the same level was a awsome addition, making this feel more like an adventure game than an RPG. But if anything it is a nice hybrid of the 2 and really sood out to me. Normally not my bag.

    Wii Sports: 9/10 It made you fall in love with the Wii, and although its not the best graphically its still enough to impress any guest that comes over to play and yourself by trying to improve you "real" skills and not just adding to your button mashing skills of yesterday.

    Rayman Raving Rabbids: 8/10 Another cool and goofy mini game setup I enjoyed it. One of the better mini game setups I've seen keeping you intrested instead of just satisfying your own A.D.D.

    Links Crossbow Training: 7/10 for a 20 dollar game that comes with a Wii-Zapper this was a heck of a deal. The graphics are good the tutorials are great. Although this is a short game its only ment to introduce you to the Zapper and its a fun learning experience.

    Thats it so far.
    I have Zak and Wiki on the way and plan on getting No More Heros this weekend.
    I'll let you know what I think. I still recomend going out and renting games your intrested in if you dont want to waste money buying them. It is the best way to find out if you will beat it too quickly or if you even like it enought to drop the cash to own it. Thats How I pick all my current Gen games. And how I decide which ones to own right away. After they are in the bargin bin for 5 bucks go nuts picking them up, but at 50 bucks or more a pop its best to find out what games "YOU" like because your the only one that matters when it comes to your gaming money.
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    From the review written off there, I'll agree completely. It's a bit short but you made up for it by doing a lot.

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